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Wedding breakfast tables - round or long!

When most couples start planning and speaking to suppliers roughly a year before their wedding, they mostly know their colour scheme, the look of the bouquet, buttonholes and the kind of arrangements in the venue and of course their budget!

In my first consultation with a client when asked what kind of arrangements they are thinking of for the reception tables this mostly seems the one aspect that they are unsure of as they've not decided on round tables or long trestle tables as yet.

Some venues there just isn't the option to have long tables, so round it is, but when your venue offers both and you've seen images where both options look stunning it's so hard to call.

It also depends on your guest numbers and how your venue can fit them all in to the formation your require, sometimes it might not be possible so you would need to have that chat with your wedding co-ordinator/planner.

I can't tell you how many times I've sat opposite a couple going back and forth on this!

Everyone has been a guest at a wedding and their experience is 'we were sat at trestle tables and I could only speak to the people opposite or either side' or 'we were at round tables and I had to shout across the table and dodge a large floral arrangement in the middle to see the person opposite'!

If you are having sharing platters then this is something else to consider, you can have on both round and long tables but please bear in mind you may not be able to have the floral arrangement you require as it may be in the way. So many brides have their heart set on continuous foliage or flowers along the middle of long tables but where do the servers put the sharing platters!

Round tables are so much easier to quote for as the majority of the time there is only one central arrangement, with long tables I often get asked to cost 'flowers down the middle of the table' but how long is a piece of string!

An inspirational image is really useful for tables as it depends on if the flowers are mixed with lots of foliage, predominantly flowers, what kind of flower, lots of small flowers, big flowers the list goes on!

Also 'flowers mixed with candles' there are many options of candlesticks, gold, glass, silver, tall, short and tapered candles in so many colours, length, widths and prices, enough to keep you awake at night!

So good luck, but hey, whatever you decide, round or long they will look just stunning!

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