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Then you go give me Roses!

Yesterday Sally and I (Sally works with me) had a lovely visit to our flower wholesaler, Flowervision Bristol Flowervision Bristol

There was a morning of live demonstrations one of them being a display of David Austin cut Roses.

Wow oh wow, they are no doubt my favourite variety of Rose and we use them as much as we can in our wedding flowers.

We chatted to the lovely ladies from David Austin who talked us through the best care to give the Roses when we unpack them, they introduced us to the new varieties and gave us a beautiful pack showing the The Cut Rose collection which will be great to take our couples through in consultations.

Many of our couples when we first meet show me an image of their dream bouquet for inspiration, most of them featuring stunning large garden Roses, the majority of the time are the inimitable and iconic David Austin Roses.

They are a simply timeless, elegant and decadent old garden Rose, each rose opens out to reveal glorious layers of colours, textures and scents that are like no other.

Each of the sixteen roses inspires with their personalities, providing colour for every palette and an array of fragrances.

There is no such thing as a perfect rose so our work will never end but we will never stop looking for it… David C H Austin OBE VMH (1926 – 2018)

My photographs from yesterday literally don't do these beauties justice! have a look at their website to see just out stunning they are

The Creamy Rose 'Patience' is a wedding staple with the strongest scent of old Rose with a hint of lemon.

'Kiera' with its pretty blush, pale pink and clotted cream petals is reminiscent of raspberry ripple ice cream!

Leonora is one of the newest varieties of the creams, just look at those beautiful layers.

'Constance' (one of my favs) with its blush outer petals has scents of apples and pears.

'Juliet Rose' without a doubt my favourite and one of David Austins signiture Roses, the peachy hues go either way to a neautal or peachy/pink palette.

'Purity' Rose does it exactly what it says on the tin, just stunning.

'Eugenie' is another new variety and I can see this being in my studio alot for 2023!

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